Waverly Communcity House - Celebrating 100 Years

Board of Trustees 2020 - 2021

The Board of Trustees at The Waverly Community House serves a 100 year old institution that is founded on philanthropic principals of service to the greater community through educational, recreational and cultural opportunities. The primary duties of the Board include the oversight of the institution’s budget, the establishment of fundamental institutional policies, program and staff oversight and preservation and maintenance of a historically significant building. Much of the Board’s work is accomplished through its several standing committees: Investment/Finance and Audit, Development, F. Lammot Belin Arts Foundation, House and Grounds, Human Resources, Special Activities and the Trustee Nominating committee. The 21 member board represents a cross section of the business, arts, industry and volunteer communities, each of whom have an expressed commitment to The Comm and to their community.

President: Kathleen Nelson
Vice President: Marisa Nalevanko
Secretary: Leslie Peters
Treasurer: Louis S. Houck

Tim Atkins
William E. Aubrey, II
Rick Florey
Rachel Haftel Gilbert
Jeffrey Haudenschield
Adriane Heine
Michael Hoban
David Hubble
Michele Hughes


Emily Karam
Mario Matrone
Sarah Petren
Michael J. Poremba
Timothy J. Pryle
Jayashree Shamanna
John L. Walker
Ryan D. Ward

Executive Director: Maria Wilson

The Board of Trustees meets bimonthly from September thru June.